Krista + Kevin Wed | Jasper, Indiana Wedding | Part 1

In October, we had the opportunity to photograph Krista and Kevin's gorgeous wedding in Jasper, Indiana.  Krista is a photojournalist at The Dubois County Herald, such a great paper.  You can see her awesome work here.  She hails from our great photojournalism program at Western Kentucky University, where both Nathan and I went to school, so it was a total honor to be hired by such a talented colleague.  We both agreed that everything was so great and perfect about their big day.  They had the most fabulous weather and are just the most fabulous couple.  Kevin is exactly what Krista needs and brings so much joy to her life.  It's been sweet to see her life now and remember when we were all together living like college kids.  So much has changed. Our day started out at hair and makeup for the ladies and a little bit of man time with a side of grocery store trip for the fellahs.  We quickly moved to Kevin and Krista's new home as the girls got dressed and ready.  Then we all hopped in our cars and met down near the newspaper, in downtown Jasper to photograph their first look.  So sweet.

You see, last summer, Krista and I drove to Memphis together to photograph Laura & Josh's wedding so we had tons of time to talk about wedding plans as we drove and one of the things we spent lots of time on was where the first look would be held and what we would do while we were there (besides making photos, of course.)  Krista had been searching for a fiddle to give to Kevin and she finally found one and even walked up, playing it quietly.  Well, sort of.  She had tried to learn a song to impress him, since Kevin is super musical, but it didn't quite come full circle.  Nevertheless, it was the sweetest first look we've done in some time and mostly just because we really spent a bit of time planning it out together.  Come back later today for part two!  Enjoy!

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