Krista + Kevin Wed | Jasper, Indiana Wedding | Part 2

There wasn't really a minute I wasn't free to enjoy the sweetness of Krista and Kevin's wedding day.  Their family and friends were all so excited and joyful to watch them begin their new life together.  The love was palpable, just as Krista's excitement was.  And oh my gracious, when Kevin got all teary eyed at the altar, you know I was doing just the same.  Everything was just beautiful, but mostly the people. So much joy and so much love and so much time for making beautiful portraits in the beautiful October weather.  Oh my gracious, it was so lovely.  There really isn't much else for me to say that will show you better or communicate more clearly than these pictures.

Kevin, as Krista's friend, I'm so glad she found you.  So, so glad.  And as your lucky lil photographer, I'm so thankful to you both for the sweet time we all had running all over Indiana as we photographed your engagement session.  For all the time you gave us to work and do our job and make excellent pictures, for that one line on the timeline that said Portraits in the great light.  So thankful for that.  Thankful for your friendship, for your sweet friends who treated us like we were part of the gang and for the sweet marriage you entered into.  I'm super excited to come visit you all in Jasper one day and see the future Hall kiddos running all around the yard with the great dane collection you will keep growing between now and then.  Thank you so much.  Photographing your wedding was totally a joy.  Enjoy!

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