Kyle, Elizabeth and Hudson | Kentucky Family Photographer

If you know Kyle and Elizabeth, you can bypass my words about how great they are, because I am sure that you have plenty of your own to insert.  But really, I am so, so, so thankful for both of them.  Kyle helps me with my technical problems, which if you know about my lack of nerdy skills - is a lot of help.  He supplies Chex Mix to our office and is generally a hoot and  half.

But Elizabeth - well first things, first, she's real amazing and tons of fun.  She kicks my butt 3 days a week (hah....sort of) when we work out toooooo early together.  We have the same dog.  And that's baby Hudson, to you - Leila's boyfriend, to be exact.   We yard sale together at too-early-on-a-Satruday-morning times.  All day long we're sending emails back and forth about wreaths to make, parties to plan and houses to decorate.  If you remember, she coordinated my best friend, Carissa's wedding and did an AMAZING job!

I could really go on for a while, but I am so thankful for great friends who deliver cake late on a Monday night,  invite me over for Friday wine and don't wince when I show up in my PJ's at 5pm and still choose me to make sweet pictures that show what life is like in the Nichols fam right now.  And it's been a while since I've added commentary all through a post...but here we go!  Enjoy!

I wish I could take you on a tour of their sweet home - Elizabeth is quite the decorator...I mean look at the bow-tied and broached pillows behind little Hudson.  

And yes, you read that right - this is Hudson: my Leila-dog's boyfriend.  They're the best of friends and seeing them together is quite a hoot.  Elizabeth's nephew, Mason, still calls Leila by Hudson's name, when he sees her.  It's a bit confusing, but when Elizabeth and I met and realized we had the same dog.....well...we've been best friends since.  In my mind, this is the picture of Kyle and Elizabeth that comes up.  He's always making her laugh.  She's always hanging on his every word and he's constantly looking to entertain, love on and listen to her.  They're real fantastic, promise.  And if you know me, you know I'm jealous of her blue eyes.  Like a lot.   This is soooo Elizabeth and Kyle.  When I'm over, Kyle's always on his computer researching or trying to sell me on the benefits of Evernote and Elizabeth's usually trying to rearrange her fall display for the 100th time or plan her next adventure in decor at the PB.  We're quite obsessed with Elizabeth's ring + band group at the office here - and her perfect polka dots.  Love.  

Well hello, Vanderbilt. Cuties.

And one last frame in front of the fabulous Undulata, where Kyle and Elizabeth were wed.

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