Laura was such a trooper. The weeks prior to our session she was gone to GSP and returned ready for her session, then came down with a cold. Sarah and I tried our best to entertain her through the Sudafed. I absolutely LOVED the change of pace that shooting in Lexington offered. I also loved Laura's sweet, unique style. This girl can ROCK the red lipstick. Thanks again ladies for the turtle brownie at Third Street Stuff - I LOVE that place (fabulous coffee shop in Lex; see photo below.)Enjoy!


On the front porch of Laura's favorite library. She spends lots of time here and I am so glad this shot worked. It reallllly worked.


An old parking garage - on the second floor...which was made of wood. Amazing space!

laurawebb-38b.jpg laurawebb-16b.jpg laurawebb-28b.jpg

This shot is outside Third Street Stuff, a most amazing coffee shop across the street from Sayre.


More to come!

Laura's slideshow is here!

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