Lauren + Brendan | Mammoth Cave Engagement

Nathan and I had such a great time touring Mammoth Cave Park with Brendan and Lauren.   We hiked all over that sweet place and enjoyed the cool air rushing out the mouth of the cave.  We also learned how important the use of a good bug spray can be.  This Saturday Brendan will take Lauren as his wife and I can't wait to join them in Anchorage to celebrate.

Their love is so sweet, natural and simple.  You see, Lauren goes on an annual camping trip with a group of friends at the cave and the year that they met, Brendan was a guest of her friend.  It was on the bridge at Mammoth Cave that Brendan asked her to be his wife, so we thought it fitting to meet at the cave and trek through the woods to really tell the story of their engagement.  Just LOVE this series of images!  Enjoy!