Lauren & Matt | Shelbyville First Baptist, Science Hill Inn | Part 1

Love and joy.  That's been one of my favorite parts of this wedding.  Making folders on my desktop titled ' love and joy blog' or 'love and joy ceremony'.  Lauren is a Lovejoy.  Well she was, anyway - now she's an Anderson.  Like her sister.  It's a little tricky, you see.  There are 4 Lovejoy sisters. The two in the middle of the birth order married brothers, thus the Andersons. And though you may not know the Lovejoy ladies yourself, by the end of this post I can assure you'll agree that they're all gorgeous and look a quite a bit alike.  So do the Andersons.  Nearly twins of one another.  But that's not the best part.  Nope.  Lovejoy or Anderson, everyone was so kind and lovely and just so excited to see Lauren and Matt finally wed.  Since this was the second union the families joined together to watch, there was such a closeness and comfort among all the guests.  The families all seemed well acquainted and many of the friends knew one another well.  It made the celebration that much sweeter.

And their first look.  Oh my.  Not only was Matt's reaction priceless, but his brother and Lauren's sister, Chelsea, tagged along and before it was all over we had all shed a tear or few.  Love so much how all these folks loved one another and were nearly just as excited as the couple to watch them see one another for the first time.  Enjoy!