Lewis Mathis & Family

lewis-mathis-family-photos-51In two and a half weeks, it’s been 6 years since Lizzie Loo opened our office on Sixth Street.  We blocked off the street, served local wine and desserts underneath string lights.  Lewis Mathis was there.  He entertained our guests and was awesome at setting the scene for a fun night of celebration.  He even opted to be paid in pictures, which was such a help to me after renovating this old place.

Since then, he and Noelle’s two oldest sons have graduated and moved out into the real world, if ya will, but these three beauties are still at home, so we got together to make some portraits.  Better late than never!  First things, first – can we just talk about how every single person in these images has vivid blue or blue-green eyes.  Color me jealous.  I’m sure you’ll agree that their girls are gorgeous and all that light blond hair paired with the sweet backlight in our neighborhood was just perfect.  The Mathis’ live just around the corner and I’ve been envisioning porch pictures for quite while.  Enjoy!

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