Lindsey + Tony | Living Waters Church Wedding

  Lindsey and Tony's wedding felt mostly like a blind date. You see, Lindsey's fabulous mother, the infamous Marti Brown, flew through my shop one morning and quickly booked their wedding date. She alluded to the military being the reason she would handle wedding arrangements, and not the couple. Until I showed up, I didn't quite understand what that meant. You see, these "blind date" weddings don't always turn out to be super great, but since the Brown and Leibig families are pure awesome, everything was seamless and tons of fun. Tony's in the United States Army, while Lindsay's in the United States Air Force, and the military must give lessons on how to write vows, because these were the best I'd heard. Ever. And you know I hear a lot of vows. There really isn't much else I can say about Lindsay and Tony, except for what I learned the day I spent photographing their wedding. Though I didn't get to hang out with Lindsay and Tony before the wedding, I do get to spend time with them this weekend in DC! Below you will find Lindsay and Tony's vows, and they are definitely worth your time to read. Enjoy!


My love, my Queen, my Best Friends, and now my wife. What started as a note in a coffee shop turned into the biggest moment in our lives; the day you and I would join our lives together. On this day, I give all that I am; I am truly yours.

Lindsay. I promise before God and our families to love you, to cherish you, and to take care of you, to love you, and be the husband you deserve in God's eyes.

I will be the spiritual leader of our family, and lead us together in our years. I will raise  our children in the growing spirit of the lord our God, and protect them and you from all that would ruin our perfect peace. Lindsay, in all the struggles we will experience, we're a team now and no struggle will be too hard to overcome together. We're the best teammates God has put together, and our journey will have ups and downs. Yet there is no other person I would tackle life with than you, my love. Even when our nation calls us to serve through the Lord our love will never seperate or be apart.


I take you to be my wife forever and ever in our New Covenant, I love you....

God has used you to prove to me that he blesses those who patiently wait for His best. I focused on Him first and He has now given me exactly what I was asking of him. After much waiting, you are the man I choose as my husband. You are my best friend, and today I am overwhelmed with joy to take my place as your wife.

I prayed 1 Corinthians 13 for weeks before I told you I loved you because I wanted to know that I understood what it meant to love you like Jesus wants me to love you. Today I remind you of my commitment to be patient and kind. I will not be jealous, boastful, proud or rude. I will not demand my own way. I will not be irritable, and I will keep no record of when I've been wronged. I will never be glad about injustice, but I will rejoice when the truth was out. I will never give up or lose faith. I will always be hopeful, and we will endure thru every circumstance.

I will put you before myself, and each day I will ask God for grace to be exactly what you need. Distance will test us, but our God assures us that nothing standing against us will succeed. I vow to you my faithfulness, whether you are near or far. I trust that my heart is safe with you, and promise that yours is safe with me.

God has created you to fight not only for our country, but most importantly for His Kingdom and for our family. I trust your leadership and am humbled that you have chosen me to walk thru this life by your side.

Whatever comes our way on this crazy adventure, and wherever God takes us- may Christ be lifted high in our love.

I will love you with my whole life. All that I am is yours.