Lindsey + Tony | Washington, DC Engagement

Love our dear friends, Lindsey and Tony - they were once clients, ya know?  Didn't even meet her til the wedding day, couldn't have picked her out in a room of people without the white dress, but she has really come to be such a good friend to both Luke and I, as has her husband, Tony.  They lived in DC while Luke was living there for his last leg of work.  Tony was deployed towards the end, so while Luke worked, Lindsey and I racked up some fun brunch memories, hours making fun of people House Hunting Internationally on HGTV and now we all get to have kiddos in the same season - and hey, I'll say what you're thinking - maybe Truman can have a little wife outta the deal and I can get awesome lifetime family vacays.  Haha.  Our kids will call us nuts, but I think it sounds awesome.  So glad to we got to spend time together this fall before Brynn makes her appearance.  Thankful for this sweet DC family - they're the best!  Enjoy!