Listening to the dishwasher.

This morning and yesterday morning my sweet husband has given me silent-house time to work.  As I keep watching folks get married in my computer, I keep asking myself how I can do more.  I'm in between the 'final adjustment' of having a kiddo (I realize things will change, but I feel like I've finally got my feet under me in keeping Truman alive and Lizzie Loo rocking forward), closing out a great fall and summer season while looking forward to next year.  Thinking about what makes my clock tick, what I need to simplify and cut and what I need to add more of has God whispering into my ear the thing I used to tell myself in the early days of 80+ hour work weeks as I established Lizzie Loo.

"Put your head down and work."  

No looking alongside of me.  No looking for someone to make me laugh, inspire me or push me to more.  Just simply doing, moving forward and getting lost in my work as time allows.  Much good is coming from that.  I'm obviously making progress on my emails and editing, but I'm having time to listen to podcasts as I edit.  More time to sit in silence and think about the images I've been making, the experiences I've had this year and the people I've met.  Time for God to bring to the surface things I've read on my trips and reminders that He is the one who made me a creator.  He's the one who supplies endless energy.  He's the one who make me a creative and continues to pour into me, if I so choose to put my head down and work, to put my head down and listen, He is moving.

Maybe you needed to hear that reminder this morning as you face a giant list of fall sessions to edit or weddings to finish or an email inbox with a long list of to-dos.  I have all of these things, but a good bucketful more of peace as I put my head down to work so that when my family is home I can keep my head up to enjoy them.

Also.  Since we're keeping it random here, I really miss Africa.  And my dear friends there, the life, the need and the transparency.

***Because posts are boring without photos, an image by our dear friend Scotty of the dear fellah who said 'I do' to me in a grass field and makes listening to the dishwasher in silence possible.