Little horsey friends

Hope life is well where you are. Wanted to share some of my favorite images from my trip home last weekend. It was so fun to be home, I got to ride (and I realized how out of riding shape my body is...bummer) and meet a lot of the new Lauer racing foals. I really love the first image because it is such a stretch for me. So out of focus, but really all about me trying to not be quite so perfectionist. Wanted to also send your attention to the gallery of art prints that will be increasing and available soon for purchase as wall prints, wall canvases and greeting cards. For those of you who have been with me a long time, think of it as a MAJOR update on the Lizzie Loo greeting cards that started it all. Enjoy!










Also a brief update on the comments for cans. We start the commenting counter over again today. Took a couple bags of canned goods to a lady here in town as well as apple juice and pull-ups; things she had requested for her family to have. So get to commenting, because for every comment made here, I will donate a canned good to someone or some organization in need.