Lizzie Loo and Suzzie Who?

Let me first start by saying that it is WAY more difficult to write about yourself than I had originally planned! I have literally been sitting here staring at an empty blog post for a good ten minutes just trying to figure out where to even begin. But here it goes – who I am and what I’m about – the short and sweet version. For those of you who don’t know me (which I’m sure is quite a few!), my name is Suzanne and I’m the new girl here at Lizzie Loo – or as my nifty email signature states, the ‘assistant to awesome directing’. Yep, that’s me. I actually made my first appearance here on the blog about 4 years ago when the fabulous Elizabeth took my high school pictures. I’m now a senior art student at UofL and will be graduating in precisely 63 days.. but hey, who’s counting, right??

I have a self diagnosed obsession with all things wedding related.. and by all, I seriously mean ALL – planning them, talking about them, being in one or being at one. It goes all the way down to simplest things, like the color of the napkins at the dessert table. See what I mean about obsession? I love my family, going to church with my Momma, cooking, baking, and large diet Cokes from McDonald’s. I wake up really early and go to bed really late. I adore all things sweet and if you visit my house, you’ll surely be impressed with my excessive chocolate stash and fridge full of jarred icing just waiting to be eaten with a spoon, which I shamelessly do on a daily basis. I am a blessed child of God, and I am continuously thankful for the places that the Lord leads me and the people He puts in my life. With that being said, I cannot explain my excitement for the start of a busy season here at Lizzie Loo. I’m looking forward to beautiful weddings, lovely people, and all the other blessings that are in store . A wonderful combination of all the things I love and it's my job.. I am one lucky girl if I do say so myself!

As I'm writing this post, I'm anxiously waiting to check in for my flight that leaves for Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon.. so for your entertainment (and mine), I went a little Photobooth crazy - large Diet Coke and all :)

So that’s me! Next time we chat, I will be roaming the streets of the glitzy Las Vegas with nine of my closest friends for my last Spring Break before entering the big girl world.. so stay tuned :)