Lizzie Loo Clients has launched!! Yesterday Lizzi...

Lizzie Loo Clients has launched!!

Yesterday Lizzie Loo Photography's clients section launched and is now ready for proofing and ordering! After fielding many comments about how inconvenient the old ordering system was, I did my research and took the leap into the 21st century. Ordering is sooo much easier, and credit cards can now be used! I have put up some galleries, so check it out. If you don't see yours, just ask and 90 days is all yours!

Check out the products section featuring iPod slideshows and albums! You can even book your session here! More is coming soon, so keep checking back!

This summer is proving to be very exciting! A new blog is coming very, very soon and a brand new website right after that. Stay tuned for more photos and a huge online redesign!

I would love to see some comments with your feedback!