Lizzie Loo Photography : Open House, Shelbyville, Ky.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make the open house a success. I really enjoyed meeting many of my neighbors, catching up with old friends and seeing past clients all grown up :-) Thanks to my parents who made it all possible - from the amazing cookies my mother and sisters slaved over to the white pumpkins my dad picked up for my papa to carve. Everything was perfect that we forgot to take some pictures until the end...oops and boo to that. These images were taken by Jake Stevens unless otherwise noted.


So it was a little chilly, but the heaters helped heat it all up as did Lewis Mathis' singing. Thanks Lewis! (And NO, I didn't wear those ugly shoes to the party...)


Sister Abby and I warming up.



Abby took this image - I'm sure you figured that out, since Jake's in it. Thanks to my WKU friends for making the hike up to attend. It was great to have your love and support there!


And baby Lauer with one of my good friends, Bekah - she drove all the way from St. Louis. Gotta love that!


And thanks, thanks, thanks for these sweet notes that have been hitting my inbox lately. Way to make a girl feel loved :-)

I just wanted to let you know that I think you are a phenomenal artist. I, while no good at taking pictures, love it, and I love looking at pictures others take. I especially love candid photographs - of anyone, anywhere. It takes a special, talented person to be able to draw out the emotions in these pictures, and you are the best I've seen. (Granted, my opinion probably doesn't stand for much.) I just thought you should know. And, if I ever need a photographer (hopefully I will one day), you'll be my first stop. Congrats on your studio and your successes. {Abby}

I love that backpack donation idea- you truly care for the the neighbors in Shelbyville. Thank you for inviting us to your grand opening, it was a lot of fun meeting "neighbors" in our town's business area. i hope it will generate a lot of clients for your studio. Your dog is soo sweet, too ! Hope you are well and you're enjoying this cool fall weather. You rock, Elizabeth {Renee}

Hey Lizzie my heart is hurting because we wanted to bring some BEARS up for this great event, but as you know we are going to TSU on this day. I thank God for blessing you so much because down here in BG we love some Lizzie Loo. May God keep pouring his blessings upon you. {Danny}

So I'm super excited for you and very proud of you! Can't wait to see all the amazing things you are going to do! {Jen Creed}

Hey Liz, we love you. Congratulations on your opening. {The Bears}

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. As a parent, it give me such joy to see you girls (young women!) achieve such success. {Donna}

We have always wished you the best - now more than ever. You go girl! We are so proud of you. {The Hottie Hembree Family}