Locust Grove Engagement | Mallory + Craig

They share this quirky, fun and lively love.  And this first picture.  Pretty much nothing happened to Mallory's face in post production - those are her eyes straight out of camera.  Love it so, so much.  Craig is Mal's constant entertainer, encourager and bigger-picture-see-er.  Yes, that's a real phrase.  He's always making jokes, telling stories and bringing things into perspective.  And he peeks at her from time-to-time to see what she's is thinking.  To make sure she's comfortable and happy.  In so many of my pictures he was checking her expression.  To make sure she was having fun, that she was still laughing from his last joke.  Joy: it's what makes the hard times bearable - right?  I'm thinking they'll be married for many, many years with the silly antics they partake in. I met these former UK Band members (that's how they met) at Locust Grove.  The grounds there are so serene, symmetrical, sunny and just generally stunner.  And don't you just LOVE Mallory's dress.  I'm a little too obsessed with ruffles and collars and pleats.  Anywho, we ended the session with bacon and pineapple pizza at ZA's Pizza Pub on Bardstown Road.  It was such a super-fun date-nite engagement session.  I headed to my car and they headed out for coffee.  Triple win if you ask me.  I can hardly wait to shoot your big, fat, greek wedding next summer!  Stunning field portraits here we come!  Enjoy these two and their bubbly love.