Locust Grove Engagement Session | Betsy + Kyle

Let's just take a moment while I chat with you about my biggest failure..blogging!  Phew!  With keeping orders moving, shooting 4-5 sessions per week and more often than not, a wedding or two on the weekend, too - my blogging skills, organization and dare I say blogging talent has really fallen off the edge of a huge cliff. It wasn't until last week, when a bride told me she enjoyed seeing all her friends and all these folks she doesn't know basking in their happiness - whether it's a new baby, a fresh engagement or the first day as a married couple - and that those posts make the waiting-for-pictures game all the sweeter.

Often, this is the last task on my list, thus we get really behind on it in busy seasons (fall + summer), but I too easily forget that I both enjoy blogging and that you all probably want to share your pretty pictures with here I go, taking another stab at a full fledged catch up!  There is so much gorgeousness to show and lots of life happenings if I can just be disciplined enough to keep this going while I wrap up weddings and sessions, too!  Should be much easier in this season, as I've got a fabulous assistant working tirelessly!

Meet Betsy + Kyle.  Betsy is sweeter than a piece of Mert's butter cake on a summer night.  Seems like each time she visits the shop, she brings along a little treasure to share with me.  A milk glass cupola that I've planted a succulent in is my most favorite treat of all.  Last fall we photographed she and Kyle at Locust Grove and downtown around Slugger Field.  They have since been wed, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer to see their sweet wedding filled with wooden monograms and champagne roses.  Enjoy!