Loo Loves | A whole lotta things!

1. Vegetable Thursdays supplied by these lovely folks... and getting a nifty new nickname. Elizabeth "Laur". I think it has a good ring to it!

2. Picking bright yellow sunflowers for the office in a random field

3. Finally having our own trash and recycling cans. Big deal. We are so excited about this that we might be fighting over who gets trash duty. Okay, maybe not, but we are still way too pumped : ) And we are even more excited that the service is provided by Republic Services considering their help with the Dorman Center Carnival (which is so soon by the way, and you should totally go!).

4. Diet Coke, obviously. But even more so now that we get to recycle our mass amounts of styrofoam cups!

5. Fresh raspberries. Elizabeth couldn't really expand on this one, other than they are great and totally worth the money spent.

6. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls - In the words of Elizabeth, "It's just the best stuff ever. And I never want it to disappear from the shelves at Ulta, so I need everyone to go buy some." If you have curly hair, want curly hair, like curly hair, etc. I recommend you take her word for it - she's pretty darn serious about this stuff.

7. Well, this one should come as no surprise at all. Four words: Duncan Hines Chocolate Frosting. There's really no hiding my love for frosting - And now my personal stash of this jarred goodness has expanded from my refrigerator to the studio's. Go buy it, eat it with a spoon, and fall in love.

8. Special Deliveries. Elizabeth got a surprise birthday package from this great place that she isn't allowed to open until Monday. I don't know about Elizabeth, but I'm secretly hoping this fella is tucked away in that cute envelope. Fingers crossed.

9. Birthdays! Someone pretty great is turning 25 on Monday.. and it's not me, so that leaves only one of us. Mark your calendars : ) Presents, cake, presents and cake for the assistant, or all three are both welcomed and encouraged.

10. Miss Leila. She certainly lives the life here at Lizzie Loo. Snoozing in the window, barking at the motorcycles that drive by, and hanging out in her favorite spot.. under my desk. : )

11. Wine mail. Yep, that's right. Checked the mailbox early on Tuesday morning and was a little confused to find this. However, I find that I'm now strongly for it.. wine > bills. Makes total sense to me.

12. Driving with the windows down. Nothing beats a great summer drive with the radio up and the windows down... Unless your windows are down because your air conditioning is no longer functioning, because that has most definitely been my life for the past week. On the bright side, I've been getting a great tan driving to and from work!

That about sums it up.. at least for the moment anyways. We sure do love a lot of things around here! Stay tuned for an update from the 127 Yard Sale and of course, more entertaining snapshots of what it's like to work in this crazy little place we like to call Lizzie Loo.