Loo Loves | Coffee + Jesus + Google

Disclaimer: This list seems a little out of order.. while we do love coffee (or anything with caffeine in it for that matter), we love Jesus a whole lot more : )

1. Coffee. Coffee = Caffeine = Love. It's really just that simple : )

2. Jesus.  Elizabeth and I usually like to listen to old sermons while we work during the week, which I absolutely love.. and I also love that there are always so many to choose from. We are pretty big fans of Kyle Idleman and Judah Smith - plus, it doesn't hurt that they are both pretty funny guys either. If you have some time, and are interested in both a good lesson and a good laugh, I strongly encourage that you look them up! Another thing that I'm really excited about this week is my new book, Not a Fan, which is written by Mr. Idleman himself. I'm not even half way through it yet, but I think I've taken enough notes to write my own book. Definitely a great purchase and I would recommend it to anyone. I must say, it's not your typical 'feel good, you're doing a great job, everything's going to be warm and fuzzy from here on out' Christian book. More like a 'punch you in the gut, holy smokes, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and make some changes' book. But don't let that scare you - I promise you that you won't regret reading it.. and it gives you an excuse to go to the bookstore (I realize that I might be the only one who gets excited about the bookstore, but hopefully there are some fellow nerds out there who understand my love). So go buy it, grab a cup of coffee, read, re-read, highlight, take notes, lend it to a friend, etc.. it's really that great!

3. Google. Boy, oh boy, where would we be without Google in this office? Elizabeth and I have already decided that we need to come up with a way to keep everyone posted with the crazy things that we look up on Google, because they really are that strange. I've even started writing them down just so I won't forget. You name it, we've probably Googled it. Ever wonder what happens when you accidentally eat a maggot? Okay, probably not, but we did.. and we Googled it. After much research (emphasis on the word much there.. who would have known so many people have had this problem?), I'm happy to report that Elizabeth is going to be just fine.. that's right folks, she ate a maggot. I would say ask her about her experience, but it's a tender subject around here. Anyways, get excited for this list whenever we finally get around to releasing it - you're in for some good laughs for sure.

Oh, and is it too late for me to add Fridays to this list? Because I sure do love them a whole, whole lot : )

Happy weekend everyone... Hope you're planning to do something fabulous!