Loo Loves: Giving Back + Gifting Round 1

So if we've met one another for 2.5 seconds, you know that I'm big on giving back a large portion of all that we are given.  And for us, giving back happens in a wide range of ways.  For each comment made on the blog, we donate a canned good to Shelby County's Backpack Project, an organization led by the fabulous Christy Meredith that feeds many of our county's children on the weekends.  Giving to adopted families is a major heartcry of mine, so we waive all service-related fees for families who adopted in the last 6 months (sometimes 12!) through our Celebrating Adoption program.  We've supported sweet babies through Holt International (go buy some livestock or food) and friends through Campus Outreach.  We've donated to your silent auctions (haven't turned you down, yet), photographed your charity events and most recently made a fool of myself auctioning off goods for a local organization.  You missed out - you'll want to watch that at the next Encore ball to benefit the Shelby County Community Theater.  Anywho, I'm big on supporting our neighbors (that's why we sell local handmade items, only, in our shop) and giving to others every chance we get.  So we've compiled a gift list for those who want to give and watch the ripple effect far after the holiday has passed.  So gift some of these, just because.  Grab a little extra when you're out and give some love away. Without further ado, here is the start to our gift list: Lizzie Loo Photography Gives Back #1: Adopt a Backpacker:  $150 will feed one kiddo for a whole school year (If you need any urge on this program, I have some pictures from my project in Bowling Green to show you) #2: Christmas in the Clubs:  Scarlet Hope, a ministry bringing the love of Christ into Louisville's Adult Entertainment industry, is asking for donations of Bath and Body Works Full-size lotions, gels and sprays and journals.  They will be gifting each of the 250+ women they serve a full-size trio, a journal and some earrings.  Help them spread the joy - drop your goods off here at the shop until December 8th - we've even got a stack of B&BW coupons if you want to stop by and make your buck go a little further.

#3 Ornaments for Orphans:  Rack up some ornaments by clicking on any word in this sentence.  Lots of local (and semi-local) families are selling ornaments, in hopes of bringing home their babies born in other countries.  Help make their adoption process simpler.

#4 T-Shirts for Adoption:  Reason number thousand we're friends - you like to wear t-shirts and so do I.  Like a lot. Too much, I've been told. You know my favorite outfit is a t-shirt, jeans and a sweater or cardigan on top to class it up. So click on the words, go check out the tees and help some great families do some awesome fundraising.

#5 Treat your Dog: Leila LOVES her planet dog toys and I love them because they don't stink like regular toys.  Even the lightbulb and world that I put treats inside, still smell like peppermint after a year plus of use.  They're big on adoption education, they give 2% away bringing their total to over $500,000 and they've got a foundation that helps put service dogs in hands that need them.  Leila and I are fans for sure!

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide.  There will be more to follow in this mini-series!   Enjoy!

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