Loo Loves | Indoor Louisville Wedding Venues

Can I first just say how excited I am for Fall to finally arrive? Nothing beats pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, and of course.. Fall boots! Now that the seasons are changing, I've been inspired to share some of my favorite indoor wedding locations in the area. While admittedly, I've always been a little partial to the outdoor setting, I realize that for the bride who is planning a wedding during the Fall or Winter months, typically an outdoor wedding isn't incredibly ideal. I find personally that with indoor venues, you are faced with one of two challenges. Either you need to find a space that goes along with your wedding day theme, or you need to find a space that can be transformed easily - a blank canvas if you will. Luckily, I think that Louisville and the surrounding area offers plenty of options in both of these categories... here are some of my personal favorites! 1. The Henry Clay

I really think this is a Louisville Wedding classic. I have worked/attended numerous weddings here and have always loved it. I just love the elegance of the building.. and the gold Chiavari chairs? I'm sold. While it's definitely a little more on the 'formal' scale, I think you'd be surprised with how much you can actually do with the space. When it comes to florals, I've seen everything from bright pinks and yellows to luscious whites and cremes. And oddly enough, they have all worked in their own way.. so don't feel like you have to be tied down to a certain style here! As an added bonus, there's a room just off the grand ballroom that can be used for a cocktail hour, which I love. Also, upstairs there are even spaces to have your ceremony and a rooftop garden that is adorable.. plus it has string bulb lights - so naturally, I think it's great. If you're hoping to have a live band, you're in luck because there's a large stage in this room for just that and there's still enough room for a great dance party. I will say that some of the most energetic weddings that I've been to have definitely been in this space!

2.  The Ice House

This is a new addition to the Louisville Wedding scene, and definitely a great spot for the more modern bride. Located in the heart of downtown, it's a great way to enjoy the Louisville skyline and also be in the middle of all of the action. Unlike the Henry Clay with its intricate details and historic charm, the Ice House is definitely one of those 'blank canvas' locations that I was talking about earlier. Urban with an industrial twist, this place can really be transformed into several different looks. I love the outdoor area for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and the rooftop space is great for an outdoor ceremony if the weather is right. This space is only limited by your own imagination... so get creative and transform it into your perfect spot!

3. The Bourbon Barrel Lofts

This is a great, intimate spot for the couple who doesn't have that many guests on their list, but still want to celebrate somewhere special. It is oozing with Kentucky charm (hello, Four Roses Distillery!), and it's really well designed as well. I worked a wedding here last year and was actually really surprised to see the transformation of the place.. not to mention, we got about 100 people in there! The exposed brick and bourbon barrels add a rustic charm mixed with the great night views of downtown (specifically the YUM! Center for those Cards fans out there like myself :)) add a great backdrop to any party. If you're the bride who loves all things bourbon barrels, modern with a rustic charm, and intimate settings - well, this is the place for you. Hey, if it's too small for your reception, consider it for your rehearsal dinner!

4. The Olmstead

This is another great location for the bride who's looking for beautiful location with a little Southern charm. Tucked away off of Frankfort Ave, the grounds of the Olmstead are just as awesome as the space itself. If you have a large guest list, this is great spot because there is lots of room here for dining, dancing, and everything in between. This is a little more of a formal space, but it's still really easy to work with and personalize for your big day. If you're like most brides and find yourself knee deep and overwhelmed in vendor research, the Olmstead is operated by Masterson's Catering, so you're essentially knocking out two of your reception needs all in one place.

Now for a couple of Lexington locations..

1. The Carrick House

I'm really not sure what I like most about this place! The clean and elegant design of the building is just plain awesome, and it makes it a great fit for all sorts of brides. However, I have to say that I am more-so overly obsessed with all of the natural light that this room offers for afternoon or early evening receptions. In my opinion, everything looks better with a little natural light.. yep, everything.

2. Spindletop Hall

Remember when I talked about picking a venue that goes along with your wedding theme? Well, if the look you're going for is super fancy and elegant, then this is your dream place! Everything about Spindletop feels grand... all the way down to the chocolate mints that sit on small tables in the front room. What I really find intriguing about this spot is the layout of the space. The first floor is divided into multiple dining rooms (all decorated in a different color scheme), a library that can function as a dancing area, and an amazing back porch that looks over the grounds. If you happen to luck out on the weather, the outdoor space in the back is such a dreamy ceremony location, and then guests can move to the porch for cocktail hour before making their way inside for dinner, cake, and dancing. Another great thing about using a space that is already so lavishly decorated is that your own decorations don't have to be over the top at all. An elegant centerpiece and a little candle light is enough to personalize the space while also highlighting its historic charm. A must see for all Lexington brides for sure!

I realize that I'm leaving out so many other great options, but these just happen to be at the top of my personal favorites list. Picking a venue is always a huge part of the planning process and it's easy to be overwhelmed by all of the options that are out there. My basic rule of thumb is ultimately to stick to a place that reflects both yours and your fiance's character.. and most of all, pick a place that you all love!

Happy planning and happy Fall!