Loo Loves: Kindle + Cover

Hey there friends!  I'm out and about in Uganda today, but wanted to share with you my most favorite pre-trip treat to myself.  I gave in and bought my little self a Kindle Touch - yep, that one that you see right here.  And I'll start by telling you that one of my top ten favorite things of life are the way a book smells and feels, so I certainly felt like I was cheating on my books.  Pair the rate that I read with the amount of flying time I'd soon have available to read with my suitcase space and the purchase was inevitable.  And perfect!  If you know me, or were my friend Sarah, who had to shop with me (poor girl!), know that I weighed my options for days and put much thought into my purchase.  I loved how the Touch functioned like my iphone and was simple to use.  It's super light and makes use of e-ink, which means no more glowey screens for me after work.  This girl's eyes can only take so much so that was a huge priority.  Love it.

Got this really sweet little case from Bertie's Closet on Etsy.  It's got little Leilas all over it and is super cushy to keep my Kindle safe.  And it was super affordable.  I may get another case when I return, but for now, this one is perfect!

If you're thinking about getting an e-reader, just do it.  Your back will thank you - I used to drag my work bag all over with 2-3 books inside.  And really, I think I'm saving a bit of money on books as most of the kindle books are a bit cheaper than buying the paper versions.  I'm certainly reading more and thoroughly enjoyed purchasing 7 books to put 'on a shelf' inside for my trip reading.  Not letting myself start any of them (Hunger Games included!) until the trip has officially begun - so by now I should be knee deep in a couple reads.  I haven't quite tapped into loaning books to friends, but when I return from Africa, I'm certainly going to try my hand at it.  Enjoy!