Loo Loves | Louisville Outdoor Venue Locations

One of the most important decisions that a bride and groom have to make is where exactly their big day is going to take place. Whether it's a rustic outdoor setting, a traditional church and reception hall, or a fancy shmancy (yes, this is a word) hotel, the venue ultimately sets the mood for the entire day. Between Elizabeth shooting weddings every weekend and my previous work with a wedding planner, we sure have seen a whole lot of weddings. I don't know why, but I've always been a sucker for a great outdoor location.. and while I completely understand that this is a terrifying thought for a lot of brides, you can't deny that when the weather is right, they are just too great. For those of you who are brave and looking for an outdoor spot but stuck on picking a location, here are a few of my suggestions for a great space that not only offers for spectacular photos, but can be tailored to any bride's needs.  

1. Garden Court

I pretty much love everything about this place. Between the historic home and the die for landscape, you really can't go wrong. It offers the perfect place for a romantic garden wedding, and for the bride who gets a stomach ache just thinking about having to trust the weather for an outdoor reception, the house offers several rooms that are oozing with fancy southern charm.

2. Yew Dell Gardens

This place is truly gorgeous.. and what bride doesn't want to be walking down an aisle like the one above?! One thing that I love so much about this venue is how it offers so many different options for the bride and groom. If you have a smaller party, the barn is a great option for a reception that is not only beautiful, but has a great rustic 'Kentucky' feel to it. Not to mention, if you're like me and have a strange obsession with string globe lights, you can add several strands outside of the barn to make the area even dreamier.

For larger parties, there is plenty of area next to the gardens and the barn to put up a tent and create a lovely reception area with a great view of the land as a backdrop. Oh, and did I mention that there's a castle that you can get ready in? Yes, a castle. So great.


3. GlenLary

Okay, so I've never actually been here before, but I was pretty much sold when I saw this picture on their homepage. It's located in Lexington, but would definitely be worth the drive to check out. It's a stunning property that has everything from lakes, a cute little cabin, and that gorgeous mansion that you see above.

4. Whitehall 

This is always a classic choice for me when it comes to local outdoor venues. I have been to several weddings here and have never been let down. The garden is such a intimate place for a ceremony, and I just love the idea of being able to walk out of the ceremony and be standing right in the reception tent. The house is obviously beautiful and it makes for a great place to get ready and to take pictures as well.

This really only skims the surface of all the great spots to getting married at, but in order to not consume your whole day, I'll cut my list a little short : ) Hopefully this inspired at least a couple of you to check out a venue that you hadn't considered before.. and for those of you who still need a few more ideas, you should go check out Elk Creek Vineyards, The Barn at Cedar Grove, Locust Grove, Lover's Leap Winery, and last but not least, The Headley-Whitney Museum.

Happy planning! Oh, and Go Cards : )!!!