Loo Loves: Reading Heaven is for Real

Well hey, there.  In an interest in keeping up with goals, I've been keeping up with my reading.  Never as much as I would like, of course, but hey....I'm reading!  And instead of just emailing my friends tid bits of books here and there, I figured I should blog a little.

This little slice of awesome is a quick read.  You'll need a box of tissues.  And if you're interested, I recommend you whip out your bible and cross reference some of the stuff this kiddo says he saw when he took a wee flight to heaven during an appendectomy.  It's certainly made me long for heaven a bit more, got me on the search for places I can be used to minister to and lead kiddos and it's hit my loves list.

My most favorite quote of the whole book?  "Jesus shoots down power for Daddy when he's talking."   He was speaking in reference to his pastor-father and how the holy spirit comes to fill him as he's preaching.  Reminds me of Luke's sweet pastor-father, all my dear friends's pastor-daddies and our heavenly father.  How good and wonderful of him to fill us with His Holy Spirit, and more generous still, to fill those who teach, lead, inspire and love on His disciples.  Blows me away.

Anywho.  Download this gem on your Kindle today and whip right through it or grab a copy on your next Target-basket-overfill!  I believe they sell it there, and who doesn't need something else in their cart at Target?  Enjoy and Happiest of New years, y'all!