Loo Loves: Silly Camera goodies, One-on-Ones + Talented Friends

It's been a little bit since the last installment of Loo Loves, and since we're knee deep in editing, I'm thinking it's time for something fun to tide you over. When I saw this cup, I will admit, I cringed a bit at the thought of someone's gear holding a drink, but no worries - it really is a cup - and it's mildly comical.

Those who know me I love to read, err carry around books that I want to read...so when I saw this I instantly loved it.  I'm all about quirky things and this camera disguised as a book is too cute.

On to things for the puppies.  Though I'm sure we all have varied opinions on Martha Stewart, I am quite a fan of her new pet line.  This bed was clearly made for Leila.  Check out her new cuteness at PetSmart.

My last two loves are super important!  My great friend, Liza, is completing her school to be a super talented graphic designer/web designer/Adobe guru.  She stops by when in town and came by last week for a chat, but ended up changing up my workflow and tightening it a bit.  She turned my logo into a brush, so I could get my blog posts together quicker + taught me some other invaluable skills. If you're looking for someone to redesign a logo or tighten up what you've already got, or just to teach you some new pointers about Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator etc., she's the lady!

Last but not least, one-on-ones have been in full swing the past few weeks.  What are one-on-ones?  Glad you asked.  Basically we sit and talk camera; camera lessons essentially. By the hour, after a quick consult via questionare, we sit and work on your photo weaknesses.  We tackle shooting in manual, turning on your camera - things you struggle with.  Whatever you need, we sit on the couch in the studio and work it out.  I'll point you in the direction of some great resources, send you home with a folder of goodies and even an assignment, if you wish.  At your next one-on-one we look at pictures, talk about what worked and what didn't and you grow.  I grow.  We make ideas, I fill your head with dreams....and you start making those pictures you're dreaming up, but can't seem to produce.  Together we work towards your photo proficiency, because I'm a strong believer in being able to do what you love.  If you leave + you can harness your skill a bit more so that your passion can shine through, I've done my job.  One-on-ones are one hour at a time of photo consulting and will run you $60/session.  Spaces are limited and super fun!  Want in?  Use the contact button above + get in touch!

That's all folks!  I won't fill your mind with anymore loves....I don't want your mind to feel like this fellah looks.  More from our wedding this weekend soon!