Loo Loves: Surprises, Thankfulness and Ornaments

Went outside to walk the Leila-dog this morning and on my way back in Dawn Apilando met me at the door with a little container of cupcakes.  You know Dawn if you've been around town: cute, little Hawaiian lady (yes, I'm jealous that's she's from Hawaii), always carrying desserts somewhere.  "Just a holiday morning drop-off," she said.  We talked for a minute before we froze and I went right inside to shoot.  I mean that's my kinda holiday drop-off for sure. After rummaging through my kitchen for the cupcake plates my dear friend, Carissa, gave me at my birthday and the aqua fabric round my mother gifted me, I headed downstairs to the front window.  So, yes, if you were driving by and confused about my behavior, I was trying to shoot cupcakes.  And not just any cupcakes - they were delish!  Chances are you've had Dawn's desserts at either The Bellhouse or Regan's tea shop, Through the Looking Glass.  She makes all the sweet treats at both places and if you haven't had her coconut cream, you're missing out.  Really.  This is no joke...you will dieeeee.  So good.

aqua and white buttercream frosting vanilla cupcakes aqua cupcake picture on white plate vanilla

I wanted to give a little thanks to my clients who have been overly generous is dropping sweet goodies, little gifts and kind words by the shop.  You have no idea how much our whole team appreciates your kindness.  We're all working really hard to get all your Christmas gifts to you and all of your images out, so know that all of your kindness has been appreciated sooooo much in this busy season!

Also just a reminder that last night closed out the first holiday deadline for prints guaranteed to be returned by Dec. 20th.  From now until next Wednesday, we can guarantee your print orders by Christmas Eve; these orders incur a 10% rush fee.  Orders placed December 16-21 will incur a 100% rush fee for Christmas guarantee.  Also, check out the last picture of our wonderful handmade Christmas ornaments made by local craftswoman, Debbie Hembree.  You can order and still receive these by Christmas up until December 18th.

That's all friends, cupcakes, sweet treats, a little Leila and some ornaments!  Enjoy!

custom christmas photo ornaments westie dog