Loo Loves: Valentine's Week

We're well overdue for an installation of Loo Loves, so we'll get it started here on the day of love, eh?  A few things I'm loving, a gorgeous story that made me cry and some sweet pieces of art I've hung on my wall as of late.  Sometimes on this day of love it's easy to be a little sniffly over our lack of roses (or peonies, because roses...not so cute), snarky over what we did or didn't get, and whiny about who we did or didn't receive love wishes from. So I encourage you to find a someone to serve, a somebody to lend a hand to or a place you love to support through service or a kind donation.  Write a note and mail it (oh my! with a stamp!!), email an over-due thank you, send a word of encouragement, help where you weren't asked to.  More ideas?  You better be writing those in the comments section - you know I like a good comment here and there!

This beauty came to my mail box a couple weeks ago and it's finally hung in a collage at the top of my stairs.  I pass it each time I enter and leave my bedroom and I just love it.  So, so much!  You can get your own print right here from Katie Daisy's awesome Etsy Shop, The Wheatfield.  It comes packaged just perfectly and mine came with a sweet postcard featuring her 'You Are Loved' design.  It was so lovely that it's hanging in another clothespin collage frame on the other side of the room.  Good products, luxe paper, speedy service and beautiful work = I'm on love.  Go treat yourself!   

Sweet Miss Megan Terry's been writing a blue streak up and down that sweet blog of hers.  Her post on investing on others picked my heart right up off the floor and sent it out to serve.  Goodness.  Such a perspective shifter and hopefully game changer.  I LOVE how she uses the advertisements on her blog to support mothers in the Congo: a batch of ladies her family cares for deeply as lil Miles was born in the Congo and a batch of ladies she continually is in contact with.  Give and then serve.  Love and give and serve.  Such an important message my heart needed to be reminded of.  Read the tale of her sponsored mother's excitement at her purchase of a goat and the ability to provide her children with milk.

You know much I love this sweet state of the bluegrass, don't ya?  Add in my affection for blue and yellow, an obsession with letterpress and a life fueled by light and you'll know why I gifted these prints to my friends and hung one up on my wall.  So beautiful.  When it arrived I couldn't stop touching the gorgeous paper and running my fingers over the indentions letterpress left behind.  Love that age-old process and the sweet script that adorns this print.  Click on over to 1canoe2 and ship yourself an edition of the Kentucky print or ship them straight to your far-away friends.  If we're anything alike, you'll be glad you did.

My, oh, my, that sweet Katie Davis is back to telling beautiful stories on her blog.  In her book, Kisses from Katie, she alludes to a man that is spending time in their home as she cares for him.  She mentions her neighbors questioning her safety and wisdom as she cares for a fellah who has had his life changed by alcoholism.  Well my goodness, you should read her blog post today.  Sweet, sweet redemption.  And you know how much I love the opportunities she provides for folks to give and support different efforts in her ministry.  Spend a few on her blog, pick up her book, sponsor the meals and education of a little fellah or feed some people in Masese.  You can even buy jewelry the Ugandan women make through a vocational program Katie started.

And last, but certainly not least, the Moores of the Kelly Moore Bag and Kelly Moore's fabulous photography adopted a sweet little baby.  And their adoption journey was both beautiful in actuality and in this wonderful video created to tell their story.  It's about 20 minutes long and chances are you will cry (I had to open up my tissue box and had my besties crying at their work desks, so be prepared).  I guarantee it'll open your heart, change your mind and make ya better.

So today, take a minute to read the story of some else's love and then run out to make your own, to serve your neighbor, to do something that, in the end, will warm your insides more than any vase of roses could.  And if that doesn't work, call me and we'll go get manicures together - kidding...sorta.  Enjoy!