Loo Loves: You've got mail

undefined Things we love this week:

- A save-the-date addressed to the team - our first piece of mail.  From our dear friends Krista and Kevin.  A little Nathan tidbit: in college there were two guys named Nathan Morgan.  Our Nathan was newer to school and we were all in the same program.  "He was the first Nathan Morgan I had ever met in the whole world and I still haven't met another Nathan Morgan since then.  We were in the same program, the same career, the same school - fate?"  So our Nathan was headed to a workshop when our teacher, Chad Stevens, posted a list of participants and added the 2.0 to his name.  That's it.  Now all our friends call him two-point-oh.  When I opened the mailbox we were both pumped, for sure.

Todoist.com and the BlueTick App - I am both master and maker of the task list.  I sit up at night and make lists to clear my head.  It's for sure one of the only ways I can get my mind to stop reeling and feel like I can both be normal (hah!) and get some rest.  Now that Nathan's here my pages and pages of to-lists weren't cutting it and weren't effective for communication, so I hit the researching trail.  I looked into programs like Things and Omnifocus, but I am both conservative with my money (read: tight, tight, tight) and I didn't see any point in spending money on something I currently make work with scrap paper and old magazine pages.  So, I kept a'lookin and came across todoist!  I will probably spring for the premium version ($3/month) so I can add notes to tasks and add in alerts for keeping everyone on track.  Keeping all these tasks and ideas in my head isn't good for my life.  We did have to spend a couple bucks for the app, but it has been awesome!  I've made a few groups for Nathan and I, my personal tasks and specific big projects like the carnival.  You can add deadlines, color code (huzzah - colors are my fave), have the same account on a few phones and add from either place.  To say I love it is an understatement.  And let me tell you how awesome it feels when you get to check the items off your list.  Ahhh-mazing!

- Katy B, she's perfect for our British dance parties I enforce on the daily.  Ok, so I don't enforce dance parties, but they definitely happen.  Especially when Taryn and I are packing orders.  So little Katy B - you can't buy her songs on iTunes yet, but she's this delightful, gorgeous, pretty skinned English girl singing some sweet, fun pop music.  We're fans of the happiness she incites!

- I will credit this favorite to Nathan, because I'm not all about the apps on my iPhone.  So long as it calls and takes a basic photo, I'm good to go.  But Nathan can rock out some photos with the Hipstamatic App.  Check out the post from our carnival party where Nathan shot all hipstamatics of the festivities.  I'm a fan.  And later this week or maybe next, we've got a few more sweet hipsta pics to share from photographing Jessica's shop where she builds all the goodness that she sells, here.

- Strawberry lemonade at McKinley's - stop what you're doing and run, don't walk, to grab a cup.  It's summer in a cup.

That's all folks!