Louisville, Kentucky Wedding | Mallory + Craig | Claudia Sanders | Part 2

Once the wedding was complete, we hopped in the limo with the bridal party and headed to a family home of the Biagi's to make sweet portraits of her bridal party.  Nathan and I were so grateful for this quick stop before heading to Claudia Sanders Dinner House.  There was so much green, so much great light and so many opportunities for quick, gorgeous images.  And the whole time we were shooting we listened to Mal's family reminisce about sliding down the hill on snowy days and playing in the grass during summer. The reception was full of personality and fun family.  The speeches were wonderful, Craig and Mallory thanked their parents and made light of Mallory's parent's anniversary.  So sweet.  They even had a little anniversary dance for them.  I just love that.  Mallory's Mom made an amazing candy bar that the guests just loved.  And the Biagi women brought the dance party.  The dance floor was never empty and never boring. We had the best time.

Craig and Mal, Nathan and I wish you a long, awesome marriage. We know you'll have tons and tons of laughs and we can't wait to watch your family grow and be as awesome as your families are now.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the sweet hospitality.  Keep the character, our fun friends and lets do pizza soon.  Enjoy!