Love Congo + Haiti: Family Session + DVD for Auction

Hello friends!  I am so super excited to partner with my friend, Megan Terry, to offer up an opportunity to a local (or semi-local) family.  Surely you remember the Terrys and Megan's adventure to the Congo to bring home their son, Miles. What's that, you need a refresher?  Well...bam...there they are! Adopting from the Congo

Sweet, sweet family with a really sweet Momma who is in the middle of her annual Vacation Raffle.  Last week we had a quick Facebook convo (all good things start there, right?) about sweetening the pot.  The pot of mulah that will go to Our Family Adoptions (a humanitarian organization that cares for orphans in the Congo) and Heartline Ministries (touching the lives of vulnerable people in Haiti).  Many of her readers are from Canada, Arizona and Indiana so we had to get a little crafty about giving away some session goodness.  So here's the deal - we're going to try our hand at an online 'silent auction'.  What are we auctioning off?  I'm so glad you asked....

One family session is up for grabs! This includes one hour of photography by yours truly, a DVD of all your high-resolution images fully retouched/printable, a 4x6 proof printed proof set and a 16x20 print of your choosing.  That's a $1000 value, my friends!  You will have all you need to print the images to your heart's content, hang them on your fireplace and share them with friends.  Annnnddd if google maps says you're under 1 hour 30 minutes drive time from the zip code 40065, I will drive to you and waive your travel fees.  That, my friends, should open up the Cincinnati, Frankfort, Louisville, Indiana, Elizabethtown, Lexington areas.  This also means if you can get your fam to a location that's 1 hour 30 minutes from 40065, you, too can enter - let's meet in the middle!! Anyone can bid, so hop to it!!

Here's how bidding works - from this minute through February 14th, you may bid via email ( ) in $10 increments.  Be sure to make your subject line "Raffle" so I can keep the mail in good order.  For each bid made, Lizzie Loo will donate $1 -- in the form of raffle tickets with our winner's name on it.  So you can win a session AND raffle tickets for a vacation.

I will continually update you on the total via our Facebook Page so you'll know where the total stands and who has the bid (first name only).  On the 14th (Monday, Valentines) the bidding will go live on our Facebook wall - until 6 pm.  You will be able to watch as folks bid + Facebook will have the final say on who the winner is!  Once the auction closes, I'll contact you and give you info for dropping your checks (split the total in half and write one check to each charity, so your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!) in the mail to Miss Terry and once she receives your total and my bid dollars, we'll send your certificate right over for your using in the next year.  So that's that folks - $1000 of family session, DVD, 16x20 print, 4x6 proof set and all the money goes straight to orphan care and helping folks in Haiti!  Get to emailing!!!  And of course, we would all appreciate the re-post so we can get as many folks as possible involved!!