Hope all is well with you! Summer has REALLY blessed me, and you all have kept me super busy! Did I mention I LOVE my job? This busy summer has allowed me to bring in a new site with a fresh, easy to remember address: www.lizzieloo.com, as well as this gorgeous blog. The old www.lizzieloophotography.com will still be around, it will just send you to the new, streamlined site. The fabulous Chris Trott customized this spectacular blog for me. Photographers out there; he was GREAT to work with and does just what you'd like - he even managed to put up with picky me!!

I am absolutely crazy about the rotating headers. I plan to make one from each shoot and wedding EVER. Each time the page is refreshed, a new header will pop up - a little variety for ya.

My all time favorite part are the new comment boxes. So advanced, and they allow you to see all the comments without having to click away. Also, if you have a website, enter it when you post your comment and it will provide a link for folks to check ya out. Hope that was enough of a hint for you to check in and comment OFTEN! I always welcome your feedback and really appreciate it! Hint, hint :-)

Please note that all posts before here are old, and are a bit different, with smaller images.

Stay tuned...I'm riding the catch up train, and you may just see yourself on here. Enjoy your weekend!