Friday I had the chance to grab some lunch with the super-referrer and comment contest winner, Kristen. A few months ago I had a contest for blog-readers to be the one to place the 100th comment. The winner would receive an iTunes card in exchange for their good luck and continual commenting - when Kristen won she chose to do lunch over the iTunes option. A bit more about her. For a while now, this CPA has been frequenting the blog, referring her friends and attending weddings that I was hired to photograph. We tracked a chain of referrals, and 4 weddings have come to fruit from one of her referrals - WOWO - and most exciting for Lizzie Loo!

As we dined we chatted about Kristen and Bryan(the hubbie)'s soon-to-be adoption. They are in line for both an international and domestic adoption - so channel your good-luck vibes their way! We talked about camera options - as Kristen is looking to upgrade to a nice SLR to document their journey, as well as participating in general life chat. Thanks so much, Kristen, for choosing lunch over the iTunes - hope I helped in your pursuit for more photos!! Thanks for helping out in my pursuit to a super-fabulous client base!! Here is a photo of us after lunch (this is with my little point-and-shoot, so no photo critiquing, haha).


In conjunction with Kristen's upcoming adoption and the number of families I have photographed recently, most who have adopted, I wanted to share a link with you all. A while ago I met Sarah Havard, a children's photographer in Lexington. She has started an adoption card store - as she wasn't happy with the options the card market was providing. Her small endeavor is just beginning - but may be a perfect match for you! You can read more here.

See you tomorrow with LOTS of wedding!

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