Mackenzie + Corey | First Baptist Shelbyville | Claudia Sanders Dinner House

In the middle of all the holiday busyness, Mackenzie and Corey had their minds on other things.  Last minute ornament purchases for table decor, gifts for groomsman and bridesmaids and being sure the bow ties were in and the dresses were pressed.  Everything was perfect, from the laughs shared while the girls helped one another with hair and makeup to laughing over the proper way to fold a pocket square. Mackenzie looked amazing with her red lips and satin gloves - very reminiscent of brides of yesteryear.  So classic.  Just like Corey and his boys in their tuxedos, complete with simple black bow ties.

So sweet was the birthday song sung by all, but more importantly, the way the two shared their day with one of their flower girls.  But what I loved the most were the photographs of she and Corey dancing for the first time as husband and wife.  It's so, very evident how much he loves and cares for her.  Thanks friends, for letting me tag along on your wedding day - it was great and gorgeous!  Best!