Mail for Leila and Mail for Lizzie

DSC_7083.jpg Yep, you read it right - Leila gets mail. And it comes from a fellah named Teddy Bear. For those who don't know, Teddy is her Bowling Green boyfriend, who is something like a poodle. He, AKA his mother Rebecca, mailed my sweet Leila a card made out of rawhide. Check it out here!



And then, all in the same day, mind you, I find in the mailbox this sweet handmade letter. Two of my best friends are spending a year in South Korea teaching English. I can't even begin to explain how much I miss them! We've been sending post cards to their kids from different American cities, so I was tickled to see this note from them in my mailbox. Do be sure to read the whole note. Are you kidding me with that last sentence. As if Inge and Mandy aren't guilt tripping me enough, now their children are, too. I think a trip to South Korea is needed in the near future. Woot, woot! Happy Monday!



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