Makin' a Piecakin': You know you want to know about this.

This is a link to a girl's blog who we pretend to know, but don't actually.  Who's we?  My bestie, Erin and I - we read Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary's blog like it's the only thing on the internet with words and then we talk about her like we know her.  You know.  What has Jamie had to say today?  How's her bearded husband doing?  Wonder what Jamie's kids are up to right now?  But the best of the bests?  Wonder what kind of piecaken Jamie is making today while being a missionary and looking like a model.  I dare you to go to her blog and see that she A. Makes LOTS of piecakens and B. Looks straight up like a model.  We're jealous on both accounts.  So we did what every good southern gal should do - we made a piecaken of our own.  And then ate  it.  And shared it with Erin's 8th grade class at school, who was having a snacks inside of snacks party on account of the piecaken.  Now this cooking is not helping on the model sign of things, but hey.  One step at a time. This journey is fun.  And long.  Very long.  So hang in there.


Do you know what's inside of here?A pretty pie.  A pretty raspberry pie that I just baked from SCRATCH if you want to get particular.  pretty, pretty, eh?  I come from a long line of pie makers who haven't actually taught me how to make one.  But don't worry - all those years of 'working on homework' at the counter (read: wanting to be first to eat the pie) finally paid off and I successfully made the thing.

This is a springform pan we borrowed. Pink. We actually dislike pink very strongly.  But a BIG thanks to whomever let Erin borrow this - it was fabulous!  This is a' cake batter.  Erin whipped up this fancy stuff in the flavor of 'white'.The pie. The pan and you pour in about 1/3 of the cake batter. Next time I think we should pour in 2/3s but we'll get there in a hot minute.This is the pretty pie.This is how you flip the pretty pie!Twice. That at that pretty pie behind.  Pretty pretty.  OK. So the pie has been flipped twice.  How do we get it into the cake?  This is tricky folks.  You put it baacccckkk on the pie pan.  Then drop it in there. Right on top of that batter.And be fancy like Erin and pour the batter over the top real fancy style.  That's right.  Cover up the beautiful pie your bestie just made.Into the oven it goes.  A couple notes: Mrs. Lindy Warford has the cutest tea towels because Erin is a good shopper.  Be jealous.  Also, I'll accept the towel on the right with big thank yous and a cherry-chocolate piecaken to show my appreciation.  Just sayin.

Also: Don't start making this thing at late-o-clock at night. It takes about half a lifetime to completeHere were are, one half-a-lifetime later, pulling this thing out. Also. About 65,000 middle-of-the-cake testers were used in this slow-baking experiment.  This was after we freaked out about the thing ALMOST pouring over the edge of the pan.  It was a tight fit inside that pan, but we had not a drop of overflowage!  No piecaken leakin for us!There she is. All beautiful and golden and piecaken. Now, if you're smarter than us, you'll grease your pan. If you're not - no worries, it all works out in the end. But Erin's Momma was pretty disappointed in us on account of the de-grease.Look at that - so fresh and so piecaken. Crusty crust peaking out in the middle.Cut and share with Cornerstone's 8th graders that Ms. Warford teaches after she iced it with homemade icing. That's right - invite us to participate in your bake sales cause we're so homemade and so fresh. And I'm fancy.Crazy, crazy kids.  Milk glass stand and all - that's the makings of a piecaken! Thanks for joining us!!  Until next time...go pretend like you're Jamie's best friend and read her funny blog!  Enjoy!!