McDonald Family | Shelbyville Family Photographer

Meet the McDonalds.  Super sweet, super funny and full of so much personality.  I'm sure you've met at least one of them if you're a local.  Andy, in the middle, is the Discipleship/Outreach Pastor at First Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Lisa, the Momma has been all over the school system, most recently at Painted Stone + the couple's sons are constantly at the baseball field. We had a good time shooting at Equestrian Lakes and I got to learn some 'brother-isms'. Growing up in a house of three girls I missed out on some of these important things - like the McDonald modification to rock, paper scissors...we pretty much had a super hillarious time hanging out.  And I think in the end, the boys might just admit that family pictures weren't as painful as their crabby faces about the situation when we started shooting.  Enjoy!