Megan and Jason | Part 2 | E.P.Tom Sawyer Park Wedding | Unite

Here you have it!  The so perfect and sweet ceremonies that were held at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park.  One more post to go!  Enjoy these great portraits of love and my always favorite passing of the bride from parents to groom and the first walk as Mr. and Mrs.  Thanks to Nathan for shooting with me!  Enjoy, friends! Mother of the brides sends some quiet encouragement to the groom.  

Sometimes being a ring bearer is tough.  But being the father of the bride is nothing but wonderful.  Love, love, love the moment and love here.  And this picture - it makes me cry - every single time.  Megan's Dad giving her away , while her Mother, Grandpa and Grandmother look.  Love it.  Funniest man to ever do a ceremony to date.  He sang Beyonce's Single Ladies and had the whole crowd in stitches.  Love this image! Writing your own vows = tears.  Always.  Megan stored her vows in her dress.  And they were oh, so, sweet.  I am so grateful for the 10 minutes we had to make portraits of Megan and Jason after the ceremony.  There were so many great images.  

Just a reminder that the studio will be closed Friday and Saturday as I watch one of my best friends tie the knot - from the front.  That's right, not behind the camera - in one of the 27 dresses.

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