The night started at the Waterfront and ended at a Big Boy - really. We all had such a ball together and were soo tired and worn out at the end - that we decided to eat. Our meal (which really stunk) topped off a night filled with tons of shooting on Main Street in Downtown Louisville, at the infamous dumpsters on Market, back alleys, Locust Grove (my new favorite place)...and probably more places that I can't remember. As you'll see Misty is beautiful and so photogenic, so needless to say, I had to weed down from over 1000, yes 1000 images to about 130 final choices. dsc_6662blog.jpg dsc_6578.jpg dsc_6692.jpg dsc_6351.jpg dsc_6876.jpg dsc_6723.jpg dsc_6587.jpg dsc_6404.jpg

P.S. If anyone has an interesting reason to be included in my portrait assignment this week, give me a call or shoot me an email. I get to do 6 portraits - the only guideline is they must all be related. I'm thinking of giving it a racetrack theme - like horse racing, not NASCAR. But as always, I'm open to anything! Have a good week!

P.S.S. The fabulous makers of my new shopping cart, Troy and Rebecca Widner of PickPic, say Thursday or Friday is our ETA. I've got the images ready, so it will only be a matter of some finishing touches. Thanks for the patience!