Monkeys: Quick Update from Uganda

While having lunch and looking for monkeys, Harry and I followed a friend we met into the woods and were surrounded by them despite not seeing any at our table as promised.  They were above us, 5 feet in front of us - everywhere - it was the craziest thing.  Just hanging in the trees eating jackfruit; watching us.  Went to this lady's home - more on her later, but I spent some time with a translater in her sticks and mud hut with her twin babies and 3-year-old son that Sonrise is currently helping to feed.  I've come in contact with much hunger in the states - but never before have I listened to a sick woman talk about going days without any food at all.  Days.  Oh my goodness.  And her little son - he speaks no English and has been in the same, dirty shorts for the last three days I've seen them, but I taught him what 'tickle tickle' means.  Oh my.  So sweet.  So much joy in this place despite so much struggle.