More 2008 Senior Ladies

More ladies from last season. Many of you are busy graduating/studying/taking finals. Best of luck to you all - I'm right there with you. First, a photo of a new friend of mine. I don't know his name, he doesn't understand mine. He speaks a tribal language. I don't. But his beautiful insides I can see right there in his bright eyes. I do know that he is from "Af-rique" ... AKA Africa. He was bicycling with a friend when he fell off and cut his leg on a few broken beer bottles. I'm pretty sure they were talking about me when the laughter you see on his face began. Good news - a band-aid seems to be universal...NEOSPORIN is not. They were scared of it. Anywho, enjoy your day, and take the time to rejoice in something simple. That's what being 10 will teach you. Simplicity. And unrelenting happiness.




And one of my beautiful best friends, Julie. Thinking of you maim :-)