Morgan | Martha Layne Collins High School

Traditionally, senior photos have had this awkward tone to them, as if high school isn't tough enough, we brought along the senior photo to document the outfits, the hair (mine was huge!) and the horrible photo style of the time.  You all know that my goal with seniors is to make timeless, classy, fun and emotive images - and every time I look at Morgans, I feel like I've succeeded. It certainly has much more to do with how gorgeous she is, both inside and out - but I just love, love, love her images.  So classy.  So fun.  When we were kiddos, we went to the same babysitter, so I've gotten to both grow up with her and watch her go from insanely adorable to incredibly gorgeous.  Timeless enough, but still very current and fun just like Morgan.  Enjoy!