Mostly Manual Photography Class + Coming Home

The news you've been waiting for is here! After teaching an overflowing and mixed Intro to Photo class at the Shelby County Public Library, I got many requests for a more advanced class that would focus on shooting manually + being in control of your images, not your camera in control of we go: round one of Mostly Manual: A class for SLR Camera + Life Lovers Who: Mostly Manual: Lovers of life and SLR Cameras is for SLR Camera owning folks who are in love with the art of photography and documenting their lives. You must have a decent understanding for the functionality of your camera. (Don't feel up to speed? - schedule a private session to get you there)

When + What:: Thursday, June 10th, the doors open at the Lizzie Loo studio for meet and greet at 5pm. Class begins promptly at 5:30 and we hit the streets for a live shoot at 6:30. 7:15 brings us back inside to eat dinner while I critique our imagery and settings. Class will wrap up by 9 pm, but no one goes home until all their questions are answered....even if we're here until 2 in the morning! This intermediate class will teach SLR users the foundation of exposing in manual. We will also discuss light, composition and moments as integral parts to making great pictures. Storage of images and a general workflow will be outlined, but photoshop will not be a focus of this class, rather a strong emphasis on identifying light and choosing the right settings in camera.

Cost + Sign-Up: The fee for our evening of learning is $75. Your class fee is due with a quick questionare to hold your spot in the class. This covers instruction, a live shoot + critique with Elizabeth, a light dinner and some take-home materials. The class is limited to 10 participants and won't fill if we have less than 6 on June 8th. Click here for your info sheet. Return this to the studio with your class fee and as always feel free to email any questions! Thanks!!

On another note, I returned home from photographing an AMAZING Punjabi wedding in Portsmouth, Virginia. I had a great time, but after shooting for 3 days straight, I was pumped to nap on the couch with my puppy. Something about that little Leila face is so welcoming and comforting. Happy Tuesday!!