Mr. Dennison | Shelbyville Senior Portraits

Where to start...where to start?  Mr. Dennison is more than a client around here.  He's our friend (as in ALL of the girls that share our office's friend).  He helps organize our Dairy Queen social hours and is always promptly 15 minutes late, arriving at the same time that I usually do.  It's a running joke that Josh and I will be late for our funerals.  (But never a session my friends, well....only once, but more on that soon). Josh and I had bunches of fun running around town with his Mum to make his senior pictures.  We got rained out a couple of times, but I'm super happy with the images we made.  They touch on his kind personality, sports skills and obsession with dancing - specifically his ability to dougie on command.  I hope you get a kick out of his pictures and rest assured, he's about 1000X more fun in real life.  I mean he's Caleb's bestie.  Enjoy!