My bestie gets engaged: Snowy Style!

snowy-proposal-engagement-001 There we are.  On a little afternoon Valentine's Date, hiding behind stone walls and such.  But really.  Brandon, who you see below, has been dating by bestie-since-elementary-days, Allie.  He sent me an email earlier this week, then a couple videos of the game plan and we showed up to hide, via text.  If you don't know Allie, she's maybe the sneakiest creeper I know.  Really.  And I mean this in the kindest of ways.  If you can get a surprise past this woman I am really really impressed, and somehow, Brandon managed, so we'll keep him.

So back to the texting.  Luke and I grabbed a little brunch nearby at Wild Eggs and on our drive there the snow started falling, then it was pouring throughout our meal and it just kept picking up.  Our plans were to meet at two, but just as we we were walking out of brunch at 1:15, Brandon said he'd like to move it up a bit, so we headed right over and parked our car well out of sight.  We passed a few crazy dog walkers on the walk and I couldn't wipe the plastered-grin off of my face, I was wearing a bright scarf around my head and packing a bag of a snowstorm.  I'm sure they thought I was nuts.  Oh well.  AND I kept saying over and over to Luke, while skipping, "I am SO excited!", "I'm gonna puke.", "I just want to call her and be like, 'so...whatcha doing today.", "Ahhhhhh, I'm SOOOO PUMPED!".  

We got to our little hiding places and just as I text Brandon that we were in place, my phone died.  Real life, folks.  45% and my phone dies.  So.  There we sat, by ourselves, in the parklands, hunched behind some stone walls.  After freaking at the possibility of two cars being them, Luke could see two bodies walking with maybe a dog?  Turns out, it was Brandon, Allie and a man walking his dog in a RED SWISHY SUIT.  That's right.  No other people in sight, but them and a red-suited-man and his dog.  In a quick snowstorm.  We both peeked out from teeny holes in our stone walls and popped out, as planned, when Brandon went down on one knee.  And then I was a hot mess of tears making pictures, Luke jumped out from behind his wall and we were spotted, but basically ignored.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  If photographers show up at your proposal, please take note, then promptly ignore them.

Best Valentine's Day we've had, celebrating with our friends, making some photos treasures for them to enjoy and hey.  Much good has come from being married to my best friend and I am SO STOKED to celebrate into the New Year with Allie and Brandon and best part is, I'm pretty sure she'll be moving back a bit closer to me.  Cause you know.  This is all about ME.  But really, so excited to be closer, have the events a wedding brings to look forward to and have another fella to add to the husband-pack.  Also.  I don't have to keep anymore secrets.  Phew!