My pretty {great} friend

You know you've got that one friend.  The one who is always real cute.    Each time I mention her name, the person I'm talking with makes me pause, so they can tell me about how pretty, smart, great....all these things that she is.  And really, it's always true.  Happened just the other day - I was talking about her wedding, but not until my friend had to stop and comment on her great hair and perfect freckles.  My friend happens to be Carissa.  I'm sure if you know her, you were already thinking about how smart, funny, silly etc.... she is.  It's true.  It was running through your mind. So for my friend, who I have been slow to be friendly to (in picture form), who housed me during Alabama's recent snow storm and whose mother misses her so much she's going through old  pictures on Facebook and commenting on them: a sweet little moment between Carissa and her husband Cooper.  I miss you mucho, my friend. Love you both.