This week and last I have had floods of newly engaged couples inquiring about photography, so you know there is tons of planning going on all over the nation. Hundreds of brides-to-be searching frantically, while at work, (are you reading this from your desk?) for ideas to incorporate into their occasion. And I know from meeting with you all, you want to see photos of other's occasions, most often not to check out my mad skill set, but to see what they did, who they used and how they got it done. :-)

Well, lucky for you, I have a running list of my favorite blogs and photo loaded sites and am here to share them with you!!

First off: Wed Fog: http://www.wedding-photographers-directory.com/ It is a bit different from the other sites I will mention, as it a site that helps to educate brides about wedding photography. While it has all sorts of fabulous Q&A's it also has a huge bank of photographs, organized and categorized.


2. The Bride's Cafe: http://thebridescafe.typepad.com I LOVE how this site is sooo photo driven. They profile many stellar weddings through use of their wedding images - so this place is packed with neat ideas, little tidbits of advice AND it is updated all the time!

Love these invitations from the site - I'm a sucker for letterpress and graphics.


Some lovely, red bouquets. I LOVE these - and am putting them up for my fabulous assistant from this summer - Sarah is getting married January 2nd and last I heard had settled on dark reds to compliment her Christmas/Winter driven occasion. I think I like the bottom best.



I also ADORE these shoes. I want my own pair :-)


3. A $10,000 Wedding : http://tenthousandonly.blogspot.com/ So no matter what your budget will be, everyone can take ideas from this girl. No, she's not engaged, but does seem to have a BF - she just plans and plans and plans, because she loves it...and all on a budget. I also LOVE her philosophy on photography: spend more of your budget here than anywhere else, because pictures are all that will be left when it's all said and done. Not quite as photo driven, but has stellar advice - and she has a funny little personality.

I LOVE me some mason jars- yesssss.


From a wedding I traveled to Alabama for this fall - LOVE IT!! I'm such a little farm girl - you'll definitely see these when I tie the knot! Each jar hung from a pretty stake, about knee/waist level, was tied with a ribbon and held a votive inside. They lined they aisle and were PERFECT!


Remember, it was under a HUGE tree.


4. Wedding Bee: http://www.weddingbee.com/ This site is a little less home-grown and more commercial than the others, but I love it just the same for its wealth of honesty, ideas and unique contributers.

5. Black*Eiffel: weddding: http://blackeiffel.blogspot.com So this site shares sooo many neat finds - not always about weddings - but great gifts, favor ideas - all sorts.

I've always LOVED these toppers by Ann Wood. They're adorable AND handmade. They were featured here recently.


Other Faves (In no particular order):

6. Glamour this!: http://glamourthis.wordpress.com/

7. Handcrafted: The cure for the common wedding (LOVEEEEE THISSS!): http://blog.thehandcraftedwedding.com/

8. Junebug Weddings: http://junebugweddings.com/blogs/what_junebug_loves/

9. The Bride's Guide:...: http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/weddings/ I'm a sucker for all things Martha!

10. The Preppy Wedding: http://thepreppywedding.blogspot.com/

11. Classic Bride: http://classicbride.blogspot.com/

12. Earth Friendly Weddings: http://earthfriendlywedding.blogspot.com/

That's all for today, folks. I hope this helps ya out! Now get back to working, brides-to-be. Happy Wednesday!

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