Nichols' Baby Bird | Shelbyville Maternity Photography

Oh, you've met my bestie friends, Elizabeth and Kyle on the blog before with their sweet baby Hudson.  You know, Leila's dog-boyfriend.  Well the good news is, Hudson's going to be a big brother.  The other good news is Elizabeth will be blogging about her journey into motherhood here, and Kyle just started a new company, too.  Lots and lots of good stuff going on with the Nichols.  Elizabeth even made a 101 in 1001 days list.  Oh my gosh! More good news?  Their Christmas card was my most favorite creation to date.  They sent them out the day before Christmas, so friends and family would be surprised in due time, but they would still be able to tell their immediate family on Christmas.  I have to say that it was quite the adorable idea.  Elizabeth is my workout partner, so I had to keep the secret for a long time.  At first she couldn't make morning swimming and then she needed announcements made, so needless to say I had to exercise my secret agent skills.  If you know me real well, you know this was super tough and paired with my excitement for them, nearly impossible.  I had to keep silent at E's birthday when Kyle called her his 'Mom' while praying instead of 'Wife'.  If you know me, you know I laugh about everything.  Ohhhh, fun times.

Enjoy these pictures we made secretly in Finchville as well as Kyle and Elizabeth's great Christmas cards.  Oh and hop over to both of their blogs!  Kyle will be giving an informational chat this Tuesday through SDC on Social Media and using technology to help your small business and Elizabeth is just being real cute in her Mary Poppins way as she writes about her baby growing.  Oh and I customized each of their sites for them with the help of our own fairy-graphic-design-mother, Brenna.  Get in touch if you're interested in the same sort of thing.  We have a few design clients on the docket!  Enjoy!

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