November: Goals, betcha thought I gave that up?

Last week I had coffee with a dear friend, Liza.  Seriously check this girl out..talent for days.  First thing she said to me was, 'so you still dreaming up big, crazy ideas left and right - goal setting and such - whatcha got going on?'  Ut-oh.  Guilty.  This girl's been in survivor mode for quite some time.  A quick search of the blog would point to April as the last time I set goals.  That is the dang craziest, because if you know me, I'm a list making, goal achieving, idea breathing kind of lady.  Not really the just-keep-swimming and things will come together type.  No.  No thanks. Guess I'll report on my last set of goals then write out a new listy-list here:

1.  Be back to blogging current sessions, as they happen Yea...working on that.  Lifelong goal, it seems!  

2.  Blog each day in April – though I wish to be blogging daily long-term, starting with one month may be smartest!  Seemed to keep this up for 19 days..then I fell off the wagon.  

3.  Buy a bike and learn how to appropriately (and by appropriately, I mean following directions, road signs and behaving myself) ride through the country.  Part two?  Actually ride said bike.  Been riding that bike, still afraid of the road, but not afraid of giiiaannttt subdivisions with light traffic in the country.  However, I have worn out Equestrian Lakes, Indian Hills and Indian Springs...phew.  

4.  Enjoy my trip and be prepared at my leaving.  I guess I wasn't talking about Uganda, because I had posted a picture of it with my goals, so maybe DC?  I have thoroughly enjoyed allllll those trips and was prepared enough to go!  Hah.  But I would like to get another wedding and all my sessions out before I fly out next week!  

5. Complete The Hunger Games and The Hole in Our Gospel as well as one other book of my choosing.  Then blog about them.  Hole in Our Gospel - LOVED!  Need to blog about that.  Hunger Games...well, after many conversations with friends about feelings of quitting and feelings of wasting my life away, rotting and reading, once the middle of book two hit, I hung that up and filed it away in my Kindle.  Book one got me home sanely from Africa and that's about all the use I have for those things.  

6.  Live more selflessly and serve without thinking things through.  Just go and do and meet needs without passing GO.  Need to roll this one over.  Check and mark!



November Goals! 

Edit to loveliness, 4 weddings!

Get permanently caught up on submissions and requests and all that entails

Update LooBird, make a PR schedule and really push hard on finishing the bones of that business.

Finish Mercy Triumphs.  I've got 4 days, but no one to finish with, so it's just sitting with my journal and bible, shuffled to the bottom of the stack each morning.

Christmas Shopping...yea.  That.  Make a plan at least!

Finish Philippians.