Now I'm a WKU alumni....crazy, right?

Sunday I took a little walk to receive my diploma. It was tons of fun and I am REALLLYYYY going to miss my photojournalism family. We have all grown sooo close through many hours in the lab, late nights editing and workshop bonding time. I walk away from Western knowing that it was the most perfect fit for me. School grew my business skills, my photo love and introduced me to so many amazing people and for that I am most thankful. I met so many of my amazing clients at school and made jillions of friends in all the departments I was active in. Lots of my clients ask about my experience at WKU, and I always say, 'it's the most awesome place on Earth - better than Disney World.' They usually laugh, and I continue with 'no really - I swear, it's the most amazing school EVER....have you visited yet?' I am absolutely in love with my Western, from the butt-shaping walks uphill (both ways, I swear) to the constant rain Bowling Green seems to face. I'm obsessed with the bunny statues at the top of the hill and our infamous 'blood clot' of a mascot.

It is with a tear or two (hundred) that I am packing my boxes and hugging my friends good-bye, because I really am going to miss the most beautiful campus in the world. My college experience was truly blessed and wonderful, but I am very excited that I get to leave school with a game plan and a career in tact. I look forward to having one main focus: Lizzie Loo. I am so excited to not have to bend my life around classes and projects. To be able to complete tasks in a timely fashion and be available to answer my phone more often :-)

The pictures below should be credited to Jake Stevens, one of the many wonderful people that made Western such a joy.


Chatting with President Ransdell....he wouldn't let me go.


Myself, Joy and Libby - some of my best girlfriends.


I'm trying to track down a photo of my sparkle-tabulous hat...but for now, here's an image of me.