Oh blog, ohhhh you.

It's Saturday, late lunchtime and just before the click of the air conditioner started, the quiet static followed by the click of the record player was all I heard.  We were listening to the fleet foxes on his favorite wedding present.  An occasional keyboard or mouse click-series here and there.  And then I remembered.  I forgot to blog this week. Aye yai yai.  I blogged a little note yesterday, promised a wedding and then forgot I need not blog it before we submit it for publication.  So that's out for a bit.  We're shooting nearly every evening.  Which is awesome.  You all.  It really is.  The engagements we've shot lately have been amazing.  Shot the sweetest lil family early this week, too.  So.  Awesome.  And the weddings.  Oh the weddings, I can't get through them quick enough, because there are soooo many solid images to edit.  A problem, yes, but a problem that is quite worth having.

lizzie loo travels to atlanta

I'm in love with this song.  (Random, yes.  Good, YES)

We've been enjoying our clients so much.  Both of us.  Ya see.  Luke's a newsy, politics covering, at-a-distance shooting kinda guy.  And an amazing shooter at that.  He's the sweetest relational fella you could be friends with, but shooting weddings and such wasn't quite on his list of to-dos.  But the Lord has been good to bring us couples who restore our love of marriage, the energy of relationship that images can capture and we've been hitting up the most beautiful of places.  Ya shoulda seen us in a cut rye field last night.  Oh.  My.  Gracious.  I pretty much fell in love with Kentucky all over again.  And to do it all with new friends - double bonus.  Love our clients.

louisville wedding photographer makes dinner hah

I've also fallen in love with food and cooking all over again.  That sounds dumb, but when you're working all the time, and cooking food for one, then eating it for 4 days.  Well, it's pretty easy to fall out of love.  We've gone to the other extreme.  I'm living with a man who eats 3 portions, while I eat one...and there's never enough protein.  And I don't love meat.  Hah.  So we've been working to throw in extra protein or making meals where I eat the veggie portions and Luke can make himself a big 'ole hunk of meat on our NEW GRILL (amen!) to satisfy his running fuel needs.

homemade strawberry scones peach sangria

That's about all I've got.  But I've been reminded that I probably just need to write more.  And not worry over blog schedules and lists of ideas and such.  Just doing the writing is good enough.  Enjoy!

eating ribs at 12 bones in asheville north carolinaOh yea.  I ate ribs and liked them on our honeymoon.  Here's me sassing Luke, surely, about how I can eat meat if I want to.