Ohhh, today. You were beautiful.

Every day after school is over, I head over to the housing authority and run around with my girls. We run to the neighbors and buy frozen Kool-aid pouches for a quarter, we roll in the grass and practice cheer leading. We really just have a good time and enjoy ourselves. My little girls are absolutely the most beautiful and sweetest good little people you could meet. I learn so much from them each day and enjoy so much their excitement over a scoop of ice cream or a litter-free sidewalk. Meet some of my girlfriends....Laura and Jacqueline. They're the sweetest. dsc_7524.jpg

And this fellah told me that he was hunting his brothers like his mom and dad. I've got to work harder for some further explanation here.


These boys were trying to blind me with their mirror. And they proceeded to explain to me for 20 minutes about what refraction...errrr....reflection is and how and why it works. It was very interesting but mostly entertaining. Reaaallll entertaining. Wish you could have been there - they teach me so much.